For a stunning, vibrant, healthy glow, trust in the tanning services of Tanning Lounge and Beauty Clinic in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. A healthy glow makes you stand out and instantly injects vitality into your image. Come down to our beauty salon today for terrific tans that leave you looking and feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for the next big party.


Spray Tans - Fake Bake

Full Body £22

Half Body £15

Tanning Party (4+ People) - £15 per person

Why not try a tanning party? Get together with your friends and plan the tan of your life with our tanning parties. At great prices and with stunning results, you can be sure to leave feeling confident, and looking amazing.



Sunbed Session - £1.00/min

Sunbed Course - £40/60min and £70/120min

Sunbeds provide a controlled tan, giving you a fantastic result. Our sunbeds are comfortable and relaxing, so you can sit back and enjoy, while you tan. They also help your body make more vitamin D, which helps to improve overall wellness.

UV tanning lotions are specifically formulated for indoor use and add depleted moisture that your skin loses during the tanning process. Dry skin is not healthy skin. By keeping your skin in optimum, hydrated condition it will help you keep your tan darker for longer.

In addition to their moisturising properties, the lotions can also contain within them different properties which aid the tanning process.

Types of lotion: Ultra Dark, Dark, Tingle/Non-Tingle, CoolingLlotion, Bronzer/Non-Bronzer and many more...

Sunbed Creams from £3.60


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